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Persiflage In Camouflage

An oubliette is secret dungeon with an opening only in the ceiling, as in certain old castles. Perhaps an oubliette would be an appropriate place for Romeo to place his Juliette when she was nagging too much. Then, he could place a couch or sofa over the opening so that she could not escape and … Continue reading


I have tried to talk myself into it before, but I am going to need to try harder to motivate myself to use that beard trimmer every week–or two at the most. I do not know what happens with my brain that I try to convince myself that it is alright when it is growing … Continue reading

Writing’s Joy

Well, technically, this should be my seven hundred thirtieth post and the final one of two straight years of writing a thousand words daily. Of course, I am missing that one from the twenty eighth of November of last year and have not copied two handwritten posts from March of last year, but I know … Continue reading


After the snowflake fell from the sky, it landed on a lady’s thigh, where it promptly melted because, well, the woman was rather hot and snowflakes can not keep their composure under such circumstances. Before the snowflake landed on the lady’s thigh, it fell from a cloud that resided in the sky above the lady’s … Continue reading

Aardvark And Lark

It is difficult to write posts when the television is on and the episodes that are running are interesting and one would rather watch television than type. I am enjoying these prime time episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ on TBS, but I wish I had typed earlier. I did clean out my satchel, though. … Continue reading

Providential Paths

I went to see ‘The Ides Of March’ this afternoon and was quite interesting. The cast was amazing and the script held my interest. In fact, there were surprises that I did not see coming and an open-ended ending that presented hope more than disappointment. The film stayed pretty grounded and did not go the … Continue reading

Sophie’s Artful Outlets

I helped out in a math class today and there were some interesting occurrences. I was able to sit in on two classes for the same lesson and during the first of those classes, I assisted the teacher by writing numbers on the board and averaging them in order to complement and assist her instruction. … Continue reading

Cogitations Abloom

I went to the local Barnes & Noble to pick up my ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ magazine and picked up a copy of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo‘ since it was displayed in front of me in paperback and I sort of wanted to peruse it a bit and see what all the fuss is about. … Continue reading

Lackadaisical Lexemes

I have a lot of stressful paper and digital work to go through today, so I am going to write first. The beginning of the week may be a bit stressful as well, but after that I hope it will be a bit easier. My sniffles have settled down and I feel better, albeit more … Continue reading

Sophie And The Transmogrifier Gun

I have recently been yearning for the pleasure of touring museums. It is frustrating to me that even though there are thousands of museums strung throughout the world through which I could happily traipse whilst satisfying my visual and cognitive needs for stimulating relaxation, they are spread far apart enough that I cannot find my … Continue reading

Ailurus Fulgens

Even though I have a Mac and have always been a Mac person, I cannot find myself comfortable with the native browser, Safari. Firefox provides the better browsing experience, mostly due to it’s practical array of add-ons. I still cannot figure out why Apple allows people to create useless apps for its iPhone, but cannot … Continue reading